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Neupreis Taylor Baby Westerngitarre inclusive original Taylor Softcase. Fender Multi Guitar Stand 5. Bezirk, Alsergrund.Discussion in ' Turntables ' started by silverface77Sep 6, Log in or Sign up. Zenith turntable from console won't turn anymore. Messages: 77 Location: Vermont. Trying to get the old console tuned up for a party in a couple weeks. We've used it plenty but it got to where I would have to turn it manually to get the record started.

Eventually it quit spinning and I haven't gotten to repairing it. When we used it I went through the amp parts a couple years ago and replaced caps etc. It sounds fantastic and all was good until I had trouble with the turntable.

I don't know much about motors. At one time I tried oiling just from a couple points outside, but it didn't make a difference. I considered buying another turntable but I wasn't sure another model would work with the console as is.

GuitarZone n°7 - SAICO Distributeur d'instruments de musique

It would be amazing if this was an easy repair for me but I'm hesitant to tear into this thing. Is there a good place to start with this problem without a complete restoration type repair? I will post pics of the turntable as found.

This is the 1 piece of gear I haven't worked on from this console. Messages: 47, Location: Southern NJ. Looks like a V-M changer. Check out thevoiceofmusic. The usual reason for a changer not running is the mechanism is sticky, and the idler tire is dead. The motor itself probably also needs some lube to make it happy. If you get in touch with Gary at thevoiceofmusic, he can set you up with specific restoration advice and instructions for your unit.

Overall they aren't that hard to deal with. Mostly its wiping old grease off, wiping new on, and putting some oil in the right places. A new needle wouldn't be a bad idea either. Most of those are fairly cheap too.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. Filter 1. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. View: Gallery view. List view.

Guaranteed 3-day delivery. Only 1 left! Free postage. Only 2 left. See similar items. Results pagination - page 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 You may also like. Artist Classical Guitars.

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All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Brand see all. String Configuration see all. Size see all. Handedness see all. Body Type see all. Body Material see all. Series see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No preference. Condition see all. Brand New.Two important points need to be covered for a better understanding of the model numbering scheme.

The Zenith 9000 Series

First; the big round "airplaine" dial that was introduced by Zenith came prior to This article will deal with the "Big Black Dial" radios and the numbering scheme which was introduced in late for the model year. It is my belief that the year used to date a radio should track with the "model year" and not with the actual production date. I offer an analogy: An automobile may be produced inbut will for ever more be referred to by "its" model year Second and equally important; Zenith included every vacuum tube in the tube count including: ballast, regulators, and cathode ray magic eye tubes.

Beginning inZenith introduced a new model numbering scheme. Given the model number, a repairman could easily determine the number of tubes, the type of chassis, power requirements, model year, the type of cabinet, and ever where in the line-up the radio was found. Lets start by examining the left or leading side of the model number using a "Walton Radio" as an example 12S The first digit s will be the number of tubes, 12 in this case, 11 on the chassis plus an "eye" tube.

The number of tubes will be between 4 and 16 the 25 tube Stratospherefirst produced in remained as the model throughout production. The second segment of the model number revels the chassis type and the power requirements.

Budget Acoustic \

Research indicated that there were 17 initial categories, each represented by a single letter. Many of the letter designations were used to describe Zenith's line of automobile radios, which I do not intend to discuss in this article. If the letter designation is followed by a two digit number IE. Some collectors will force a zero at the beginning, IE. If the letter designation is followed by a three digit number the radio was built in later model years. If the leading number is 1 IE 5S the radio was built for the model year.

In our example of the 12S, the radio was built for the model year. This scheme holds true for radios built throughwhen Zenith halted civilian radio production to enter the war effort. Zenith did not produce radios for the general public again until lateand were sold as models. An interesting side note, Zenith did continue to produce civilian hearing-aids throughout the war years.The series metering pumps are used with a range of fluids — from general to abrasive to poor lubricating.

You will find the series metering additives, colorants or chemicals in food and beverage, chemical, fiber, pharmaceutical and paint facilities around the world.

They offer engineers and operators accurate, repeatable pulse free flow in a compact design. The B and C pumps are available with magnetic drive mag-drive sealing option. Mag-drives can eliminate shaft leakage of fluids, increasing plant safety and reduces VOC emissions and seal failures. The magnetic coupling feature also reduces downtime due to excessive mechanical seal failures and eliminates the need for buffer fluids. The series is also offered in a submersible and magnetic drive design.

The submersible model does not have a shaft seal and the gear plate is notched. The magnetic drive product series uses magnetic sealing system to eliminate potential for leaks. Each model can be further customized to meet your operating conditions. Contact Zenith to discuss your process requirements. The Zenith Series Metering additives with accurate, repeatable pulse free flow in a compact design The series metering pumps are used with a range of fluids — from general to abrasive to poor lubricating.

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